The College

About the College

At Brown University, the purpose of undergraduate education is to foster the intellectual and personal growth of the individual student.

The mission of the College is to support students as drivers of their academic pathways . The College staff and advising community take steps to ensure that students are:


Students are seen as active participants in framing their own education. The College emphasizes building relationships with and among students, staff, faculty and alumni, recognizing that intentional collaboration is the foundation for shared learning and collective impact. 


All members of the Brown community are empowered to pursue continuous intellectual, personal and professional growth. To facilitate this, the College works to ensure that administrative structures, rules and regulations provide students with opportunities to develop and achieve their educational goals. 


The College partners with students in building lives of sustained learning, meaning and purpose. We do this by cultivating intellectual risk-taking through the Open Curriculum, and by embracing the value of listening — of understanding that the views and experiences of others are part of the learning experience. This reinforces the community's commitment to making the world a better place through learning, research, advocacy and public service.