The College

The College at Brown University

Your Brown undergraduate education is designed to promote your academic and personal development.

At Brown you are an active participant in framing your own education, drawing on your intellectual creativity to challenge yourself in a community of shared learning. This approach to learning and inquiry will help you to develop as a critical thinker and communicator, and as a partner with other students, faculty and staff in a journey of education. You will be supported in designing your academic path by academic and peer advisors, residential peer leaders, and staff in the College who help to guide your intellectual risk-taking and support you in achieving your academic and personal goals.

Becoming the Architect of Your Education

Brown offers more than 80 concentrations in the arts, humanities, social sciences and behavioral sciences leading to either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science, as well as the opportunity to design an independent concentration.

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Navigating Brown’s Curriculum

Faculty and peer advisors will help you explore Brown’s vast array of academic programs and co-curricular options and provide counsel on important academic decisions. You also have access to tutoring and study help centers in writing and science.

Access free group tutoring services, facilitated through the Sheridan Center.
Access an array of advisors and support while building your Brown experience.

Serving Communities, Solving Problems

You’ll have many opportunities to learn beyond campus, with access to hundreds of funded research and internship opportunities each year, engaged learning opportunities in the local community, a robust global study program and support in pursuing national and international fellowships.

As an undergraduate student, you will explore societal issues in the classroom and beyond the campus — building the knowledge, skills and relationships you will need to lead a life of meaning and purpose.

Browse international study programs across more than a dozen countries and 50+ institutions.
Search for internships and research opportunities via BrownConnect.
Investigate public, civic and/or social justice issues through community-based learning, research and action.