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Study Abroad

Join hundreds of undergraduate students each year studying abroad in more than 40 countries.

Brown’s Office of International Programs sends hundreds of students abroad each year. Brown’s semester abroad programs offer a variety of experiences in more than 40 countries — from full immersion language programs to specialized engineering programs to university direct enrollment programs offering coursework in social sciences, arts, STEM, and the humanities.

Students can pursue opportunities through programs administered by Brown (including Brown in Paris and Brown in Bologna), through the Consortium for Advanced Studies Abroad, a collaborative of 12 leading global research universities, and through a wide range of approved programs run by other institutions.

Students may also petition to receive Brown transfer credit from other program sites. Such petitions must be formally approved for Brown credit prior to the study abroad experience.

Students are required to demonstrate foreign language proficiency prior to studying abroad in countries for which French, German, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish is the primary language. Brown strongly encourages students to learn about international study opportunities during their first year at Brown so that they may plan their academic course of study accordingly.

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