The College

Design Your Education

Every journey through Brown’s Open Curriculum is unique. Each semester is a new chapter that you chart in your education.

A strong liberal arts education gives you a breadth of knowledge across multiple academic fields of study, providing an educational foundation through which you develop the skills to think critically, problem solve, listen actively, communicate clearly and understand the world around you.

At Brown, the Open Curriculum gives you the freedom to tap into your own interests. Instead of taking a prescribed set of general core requirements, you are the architect of your own educational experience. At the same time, you remain open to people, ideas and experiences that may be entirely new. By putting you in charge of your own education, the Open Curriculum aims to foster a love for learning, collaboration and continuous discovery. These are skills you’ll need for life.

An academic concentration is the focal point of your undergraduate educational experience at Brown. It is an in-depth study centering on a discipline or disciplines, a problem or a theme, or a broad question.
As an undergraduate student at Brown, you have enormous latitude to shape your own course of study while completing the requirements to earn your degree.
Learn more about Brown’s academic policies, including the Academic Code, class attendance, writing requirement and more.