The College

Academic Code

Norms regarding the quality and originality of academic work are often much more stringent and demanding in college than they are in high school. All Brown students are responsible for understanding and following Brown’s academic code.

Academic achievement is ordinarily evaluated on the basis of work that a student produces independently. Students who submit academic work that uses others’ ideas, words, research, or images without proper attribution and documentation are in violation of the academic code. Infringement of the academic code entails penalties ranging from reprimand to suspension, dismissal, or expulsion from the University.

Brown students are expected to tell the truth. Misrepresentations of facts, significant omissions, or falsifications in any connection with the academic process (including change of course permits, the academic transcript, or applications for graduate training or employment) violate the code, and students are held accountable accordingly.

The Academic Code

Misunderstanding the code is not an excuse for dishonest work. Students who are unsure about any point of Brown’s academic code should consult their course instructors or an academic dean, who will be happy to explain the policy.

Faculty or students with questions about the Academic Code can call or write:

Love Wallace, Associate Dean for the Academic Code
University Hall, Second Floor
Tel. 401.863.9800

To submit an Allegation of Academic Misconduct faculty members should complete the following online form:
Allegation of Academic Misconduct Form