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Rhode Island Language Consortium

Students currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at one of Rhode Island’s private institutions of higher education are eligible to enroll in foreign language courses at any of the consortium schools that are not offered at their home institution.

Students enrolled in AICU Rhode Island member institutions are thus able to advance their knowledge in foreign languages and to extend their participation in courses focused on second language acquisition. The list of eligible courses changes each semester. Students may seek enrollment only in those courses not offered at their home institution.

First priority for enrollment is always given to degree candidate students enrolled in the accommodating institution. Therefore, “limited enrollment” and “special permission required” courses are often not available to students at other schools in the consortium.

Each course carries semester credit hours identified by the individual institution offering the course. Auditing a course is not an option within the Language Consortium; all courses must be taken for credit. Taking a course for credit means that the student must meet all the course requirements as specified by the instructor. Students are also subject to the same academic policies regarding course prerequisites, grading options, extension of work, etc., as any other degree candidate student. These policies are outlined on each institution’s registrar’s web site.

Upon completion of each course, students may request their transcript from the Registrar’s Office and submit it to their home institution for grade and credit transfer. The accommodating institution is not responsible for the student’s home institution’s policies on transfer credit or for providing specific course information to the home institution.

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