The College

Lindsay Garcia

Assistant Dean of the College for Junior/Senior Studies and Recovery & Substance-Free Student Initiatives
Areas of Expertise Commencement Speakers, Degree Completion, Mid-Year Completion Ceremony, Substance Use/Recovery, Junior/Senior Class Studies, Law Career Advising, Personal and Health Concerns


Lindsay Garcia is the academic advising dean responsible for coordinating the academic, co-curricular, and degree completion process for junior and seniors. Additionally, as part of the long tradition of collegiate recovery at Brown dating back to 1977, she provides leadership, advocacy, and support for students, faculty, and staff with respect to issues of substance use disorders, recovery, and substance-free status.

Garcia received her B.F.A. in Sculpture from Rhode Island School of Design, M.A. in Contemporary Art History from Sotheby’s Institute of Art, M.F.A. in Visual Arts from State University of New York, Purchase College, and Ph.D. in American Studies from William & Mary. She is also a practicing artist and scholar of environmental humanities.