The College

Peggy Chang

Director of the Curricular Resource Center, Associate Dean of the College for Curricular Engagement
Areas of Expertise Academic Coaching, Curricular Resource Center for Peer Advising, Degree Completion, Departmental Undergraduate Groups (DUGs), First-Year Seminars, Independent Concentrations, Independent Studies (ISPs/GISPs/Academic Internships), Personal Leaves, Sophomore and Pre-Concentration Advising
Affiliation Curricular Resource Center


Peggy Chang (she/her/hers) currently serves as Associate Dean of the College for Curricular Engagement, supporting the full range of academic advising services offered by the College. As director of the Curricular Resource Center, she oversees peer advising, coaching, and mentoring efforts dedicated to helping students navigate the Open Curriculum, build academic communities, and find pathways for defining and achieving their learning goals. In addition, Peggy is the Director of Undergraduate Studies for Independent Concentrations and chairs the Independent Concentrations and Independent Studies subcommittees for the College Curriculum Council.

Peggy has been committed to fostering interdisciplinary pedagogies and curricula, student peer advising and leadership, collaborative learning and leadership practices, and liberal education for social responsibility, equity, and inclusion for over three decades in six roles within the College. Between 1996 and 2008, she was the executive director of the Venture Consortium, a group of nine liberal arts colleges and universities dedicated to experiential learning, nonprofit career development, and urban education.

Peggy earned her Bachelor of Arts degree (American civilization) and Master of Arts (Public Humanities) from Brown. She received an executive doctorate of education (EdD in Higher Education) from Boston College.