The College

Exams and Course Completion

A period at the close of each semester is provided for final semester examinations.

The dates of the final exam period for each term are fixed by the Registrar before the start of a semester and each exam has a posted date and time, visible during pre-registration period. The dates and times of exams are arranged so that students will not be taking multiple exams at the same hour. While individual faculty members may choose not to give a final exam in a course (substituting a final paper assignment, for example), they are not permitted to change the assigned date of a final exam.

The dates of final exams are fixed by the Registrar so that students will not be scheduled to take multiple exams in the same time block. Students are required to take their exams at the designated time.
In cases where you have outstanding work in a course other than a final exam, a course instructor may choose to grant a grade of Incomplete (INC).

Students with Registered Disabilities

Students with registered disabilities may be granted accommodations for exams, as documented by Student Accessibility Services (SAS). For more information, contact SAS at 401-863-9588 or