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In cases where you have outstanding work in a course other than a final exam, a course instructor may choose to grant a grade of Incomplete (INC).

Only an authorized dean may excuse you from a scheduled final exam. The authority to grant an Incomplete rests with the course instructor, who may simply enter a notation of INC when submitting a student's final grade.

Incompletes and Banner

Unless an earlier date is specified in Banner by the instructor, a grade of 'INC' will automatically convert to an NC, otherwise known as No Credit, in a student's internal academic record after a certain period of time. A Fall INC will default to an NC around mid-semester of the Spring semester; a Spring INC will automatically convert to an NC around the first day of the Fall semester. If a student sees an NC in their internal academic record for a course that was once an INC, they should not assume that the instructor has entered an NC or that their extension has expired. Students should reach out to the instructor to get clarification on the instructor's deadline for accepting INC work.

Incompletes and Academic Standing

An Incomplete grade from the that is finished by the start of the subsequent semester will improve a student's academic standing (e.g. from Warning to Good Standing). If a student finishes an Incomplete by the stated deadline but the faculty member does not submit a grade by that time, the Chair of the Committee on Academic Standing may change the student's academic standing if the faculty member confirms that the work was completed and received by the deadline.

After the start of the term, academic standing is set until the end of that term. As such, incompletes completed after the start of the term do not change a student’s academic standing at that time. However, they do count as completed courses and may improve a student’s standing when it is calculated at the end of that term. Credit for Incompletes finished after the one-year deadline must be approved by the Committee on Academic Standing. Grade changes when the original grade was a grade other than an incomplete (for instance, an NC, or any other grade of A, B, C) are rarely approved by the Committee on Academic Standing.

One-semester thesis courses taken in the first semester of senior year result in a transcript grade of Incomplete if the thesis is not completed at that time. If this presents a problem with post-graduation plans, students are strongly encouraged to register for the thesis course in their eighth semester of study.