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Resources for Parents, Family, Friends and Alumni

It can be very challenging to watch your loved ones suffer or make choices different to the ones you consider best for them. The Donovan Program is here to support your student through the ups and downs of recovery. Recovery pathways are not always linear and are almost never easy. As such, you may consider finding support for yourself as you support your family member or friend.

Mutual Aid Meetings to Support Family and Friends

Locally, nationally, internationally

All Recovery Meetings on Campus

At Brown, parents, families, friends and alumni are invited to two All Recovery Meetings per year to support their student’s recovery. Please feel free to join and celebrate the success and challenges of your student.

Fall - Family Weekend

We welcome undergraduate and graduate students, families, alumni, faculty and staff who identify with being in recovery, whether they participate in 12-step programs, choose other pathways to recovery, or who are affected by the substance use of a friend or a family member. All family, friends and recovery allies of Brown-affiliated people are also welcome. There will be coffee and donuts.

  • October 13-15, 2023 (All Recovery Meeting will be October 14, 11am)
  • October 25-27, 2024 (All Recovery Meeting will be October 26, 11am)

May - Commencement

In the spring, there is an All Recovery Meeting during Commencement Weekend, which takes place at 11am on the Saturday of Commencement Weekend. Join students, alumni, faculty, staff in recovery and their families/friends for a celebration of the graduates, hosted by the Donovan Program for Recovery and Substance-Free Initiatives. We will have donuts, coffee, and share our experiences of being in the Brown community and recovery (all pathways welcome). All are welcome.

  • May 24-26, 2024 (All Recovery Meeting will be May 25, 11am)
  • May 23-25, 2025 (All Recovery Meeting will be May 24, 11am)

My first day at Brown I walked through the Van Wickle gates with terror and 6-months of sobriety under my belt. I knew if I relapsed again that might be it. Fortunately, when I graduated I celebrated 4 years of recovery, an achievement only made possible by the amazing recovery programs at Brown University. ESOB and the Donovan program give students like me a chance to engage with our education in an environment of support and care. Students who suffer from substance use disorders or substance-related trauma no longer have to fear a college campus, places like Donovan make sure you are safe as you forge your future at an institution like Brown.

A.J.D. ‘20