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Recovery and Substance-Free Initiatives

Brown University is committed to the maintenance of a campus environment that supports all students in achieving their academic goals.

The Donovan Program for Recovery and Substance-Free Student Initiatives endeavors to support students who are in recovery or who are substance-free for any reason through anti-stigma advocacy, inclusive programming and holistic support structures.

To have a private chat about your own substance use, how you are affected by another’s substance use, or issues pertaining to your substance-free status, please contact Lindsay Garcia, the Dean for Recovery and Substance-Free Student Initiatives.

The Dean for Recovery and Substance-Free Student Initiatives provides comprehensive academic and social support in a non-clinical setting for Brown students, faculty and staff in recovery or who identify as substance-free for a variety of reasons. The Dean, who is in long-term recovery and identifies as substance-free, is available for consultation for Brown community members who are concerned about their use of drugs and/or alcohol or who find barriers to academic and social success due to the substance use of others or their own substance-free status. All inquiries remain private.

Brown University is an institutional member of the Association for Recovery in Higher Education (ARHE). Dean Garcia currently serves as the Junior Co-Chair of the Board of ARHE.

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This group of individuals supports, advocates, and outreaches to people in recovery or substance-free within the Brown Community.
These groups provide safe, private environments for discussion of matters related to recovery and substance use in general and to life as a college student at Brown in particular.
Brown provides substance-free housing options for students through initiatives like the Substance-Free Thematic Community and Substance-Free Special Interest Housing.
It can be very challenging to watch your loved ones suffer or make choices different to the ones you consider best for them. The Donovan Program is here to support your student through the ups and downs of recovery. Recovery pathways are not always linear and are almost never easy. As such, you may consider finding support for yourself as you support your family member or friend.

Campus Resources


Brown EMS is who to call for urgent or emergent crises pertaining to any medical need, including alcohol and drug overdoses. Brown EMS carries Narcan (naloxone), to help reverse the effects of opiate overdose.
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The Administrator on Call (AOC) is available to provide support to all Brown undergraduate, graduate, and medical students in need of immediate assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The AOC is an on-campus staff member from the division of Campus Life who can provide students with immediate support and referrals and gather information for timely and coordinated follow-up.
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Health Services provides non-urgent medical care for all Brown Students.
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Brown's Office of Health Education BWell offers individual counseling and referrals, educational resources relating to drug and alcohol use, facilitates interactive workshops, and coordinates special events on a wide range of health topics, including the use of alcohol and other drugs. You can schedule an individual, confidential appointment or email if you have additional questions.
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CAPS provides a range of mental health services to the Brown community, including confidential individual counseling, medication management, skills workshops, referral services, mental health assessment, trainings and consultation for faculty and staff, crisis stabilization, after hours assessment and urgent care, outreach programming, and groups.
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Student Support Services staff is available to assist students with a wide range of issues and concerns that might arise during their time at Brown. Student Support Services Deans provide 24-hour crisis services for undergraduate, graduate and medical students with personal or family emergencies, and are available by appointment to consult with individual students about their personal questions/concerns.
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The Office of the Chaplains and Religious Life is a confidential resource available to all Brown students, faculty and staff. It could be an opportunity to connect with a spiritual or religious community that you are already a part of, or to have a conversation about a challenge you are undergoing with an impartial ear. The office also hosts groups and events related to spiritual life and community building.
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The Mindfulness Center at Brown offers programs and trainings based in evidence-based mindfulness techniques. Some have found mindfulness to be an important part of their recovery journey or in terms of coping with the stresses of Brown education.
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