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Advising Concentrators

The Director of Undergraduate Studies Role

The Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) is a faculty member responsible for delivering information about their undergraduate program to current and prospective undergraduates. In the context of Brown's otherwise open curriculum, the role takes on added significance, as the process of "declaring" or choosing a concentration represents a major event of undergraduate academic life. As students have advocated for stronger academic communities within their respective concentrations, the DUS has the potential to serve as an important intellectual leader/mentor who might, at their very best, foster an engaging and inclusive academic culture.

While particular responsibilities may vary depending on the size and complexity of the undergraduate program, the DUS is  generally considered the key bridge between the department and its undergraduates. In addition to oversight over the structure and content of the undergraduate concentration(s), the DUS may also be responsible for:

  • advising undergraduate concentrators, and/or overseeing other concentration advisors in this work; 
  • reviewing syllabi for new or modified courses submitted via the course proposal system (see syllabus guidelines); 
  • collaborating with other unit administrators around course schedules/teaching assignments;
  • chairing or convening a curriculum committee and/or an honors committee (see the CCC's guidelines for honors and capstones);
  • ensuring accuracy of published information in the University BulletinFocal Point, etc., coordinating with the College Curriculum Council, as needed;
  • representing the concentration(s) at various events hosted by the College; 
  • serving as a liaison to the Departmental Undergraduate Group (DUG); overseeing Concentration Declaration Day. 

Resources for Concentration Advisors and Directors of Undergraduate Studies

The College maintains regular contact with DUSes and other concentration advisors through a number of means, including:

    Any questions may be directed to

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