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Course Feedback

Information about students’ experiences in a course is one important component - among many - in a larger system for the review of teaching.

Course Feedback Questions and Access

During the customization period, in addition to the standard set of questions, instructors and department chairs or program directors can develop a limited number of custom questions or select from a bank of questions designed by the review committee in consultation with the Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning (both the standard and optional sets of questions are available below). Instructors and administrators may access the system, including reports, by logging in to Canvas or to using their Brown credentials. 

Once feedback forms open, students can access the surveys by logging in to Canvas or using their Brown username and password. A grade block feature prevents students from viewing their final grade in a given course until they either complete a form or indicate that they prefer not to. Instructors cannot read feedback until grades are submitted and feedback forms are not connected to any identifying student information, making submissions anonymous.

Student Course Feedback Form      Optional Question Banks

For questions or a consultation related to interpreting student feedback or other non-technical matters, please email

  • Instructors and administrators: IT Knowledgebase - Overview of Course Feedback
  • Access for new chairs, department managers, or other administrators: Submit a new ticket using the Access Request Form
    • Select "Course Feedback (as of Summer 2019)" as selecting "Banner Course Evals" will request access for the legacy system used prior to summer 2019).
  • Students: Contact the Help Desk to report problems or use the "Help: Report a Problem" link in Canvas.

System Dates

Wednesday, March 13 -
Thursday, March 28


Customization and Review Period

  1. Department administrators should verify the accuracy of courses, instructors, and teaching assistants (TAs assigned in Canvas would automatically be migrated to the course feedback system); they may also develop or select custom questions, and delay the date the system opens for students;
  2. Instructors may choose to develop or select custom questions.

Note: Administrators and instructors will not be able to see courses for the current semester until the customization period opens. 

9:00 a.m. ET on Wednesday, April 17


Course Feedback Forms Open

Brown undergraduate and graduate students can access the forms via Canvas and The open date is typically scheduled one week prior to Reading Period to enable faculty to use class time for students to complete their course feedback forms. Departments may choose to set the opening of their evaluations on a later date.

5:00 p.m. ET Thursday, May 30


Course Feedback Forms Close

This is generally on the last day that faculty may submit grades.

48-72 hours later


Feedback forms Available

Academic departments can access forms in Canvas and

History and Revisions

Brown University adopted its first online student course feedback system in 2008. Nearly a decade after an online form was first developed by the College Curriculum Council (CCC), the Dean of the College charged a committee of members of the CCC and other faculty, students, and staff to assess Brown’s online course feedback system, addressing questions around format and content; diversity and inclusion; data collection and assessment; and future evaluation of teaching at Brown. 

Informed by student ratings research, practices used by peer institutions, and feedback from Brown faculty and undergraduate and graduate students, the new questions were piloted in spring 2018 by a small number of courses in a range of disciplines. The new, more user-friendly and flexible instrument launched in the 2019-20 academic year.  

Summary of the Committee's Recommendations      Full Report