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Guidelines for Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UTAs)

Many academic departments employ advanced undergraduates as teaching assistants in entry-level courses. Working with an undergraduate TA can be an extremely rewarding experience for instructors and students alike. Instructors should be aware of the University guidelines governing the limits of TA responsibilities to teaching and grading.

Our Approach

In 2019-20, a working group comprised of faculty and students from across a range of disciplines, as well as two administrators from the College and Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning, respectively, met to discuss the University's approach to collaborative teaching and learning and to ensure that it reflects current research and best practices.

Working group report & recommendations

Guidelines for Undergraduate TAs

Among the working group's recommendation are a revised, more robust set of College Curriculum Council's Guidelines for Undergraduate Teaching Assistants, approved in May 2021.

Additional Resources

Please contact the College at if you have questions about undergraduate TAs.