The College

Faculty Rules for Exams

By faculty rules, the dates of final exams are fixed by the Registrar before the start of a semester and are indicated with the class date and time in the Banner course schedule. The dates and times of exams are arranged so that students will not be taking multiple exams at the same hour.

While individual faculty members may choose not to give a final exam in a course (substituting a final paper assignment, for example), they are not permitted to change the assigned date of a final exam. When assigning a paper or project instead of an exam, it is advisable to make the due date on the scheduled exam date whenever possible.

Occasionally an undergraduate may experience personal, health, or other circumstances that impact their ability to complete academic work. The policies and options available to students vary depending on the nature of the student's situation and the timing and kind of academic work in question.
In accordance with the University's non-discrimination policy and its Faculty Rules, instructors are expected to make reasonable accommodations for students who cannot take a quiz or exam, including final exams, on the scheduled date due to a religious observance.
Students with registered disabilities may be entitled to certain accommodations, including extended time for exams. In such cases, students are required to present a letter from Brown's Student Accessibility Services (SAS) office to the course instructor stating their right to a particular accommodation.